About Us

Our company was started by a former journalist who received many requests for help from visitors after placing a single ad online. Through returning clients and word-of-mouth, the client base quickly grew to more than 100. The company’s owner recruited and trained some of the top writers in the nation to provide quality assistance to the surging number of online requests. The client base now consists of thousands of happy visitors.

Our aim is to assist visitors with their academic pursuits so they can reduce stress and improve their grades. It is our mission to meet the needs of today’s visitor, who often faces too large a workload. We believe there is nothing wrong with seeking help when you are too stressed to lead a well-rounded, productive life. Many visitors holding part- or even full-time jobs are not given a fair opportunity against those who do not have to work, for example. Providing a helping hand and clearing up some time in an otherwise crammed schedule helps level the playing field.